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What is an Air Fryer?

What is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is basically the answer to all your prayers and frustrated calls for help from the kitchen. Think I’m kidding? Then let’s get down to the nitty gritty of what exactly an air fryer is and what it can do for you. The air fryer is a kitchen appliance you can have permanently situated on your counter top that allows you to deep fry food without actually deep frying it.

How is this possible? All thanks to Maillard. No, Maillard is not a person, it is an effect that is incorporated and used during the air fryers revolutionary cooking method. The air fryer uses what we call Rapid Air Technology in order to create the same results as traditional deep frying. Rapid Air Technology is when hot air (that can reach highs of 200 degrees) is circulated throughout the cooking chamber by a mechanical fan.

By using this technology during their cooking process, the air fryers don’t really need oil for their “deep frying”, and when they do it’s in very small amounts. This makes an air fryer the healthier choice when it comes to comparing it to traditional deep frying. But don’t think the air fryer is limited to only deep fried family favourites. No, these babies can cook a variety of food such as chicken, fish, steak and even bake a cake or dish up a dessert. Most air fryers come with a recipe book which can keep you busy for months if you want to try all the different options.

There are different brands of air fryers on the market, and if you are a loyal fan or follower, chances are that your favourite brand will have an air fryer in their kitchen appliance family. If it’s a well-known brand you can rest assured that the quality is good and that they will come with a warranty. Although all air fryers work on the same principle, each air fryer has different sizes, utensils or accessories you can choose from. Prices are also very diverse and if you are not dead-set on a fancy, brand fryer, they can be fairly inexpensive.

Air fryers are much safer than traditional deep frying. In the words of Ron Dobson, the Commissioner of the London Fire Brigade: “Any gadget that reduces the number of people cooking with lots of hot oil, is a good thing. Each year hundreds of people suffer damage to their homes, are injured and sadly lose their lives as a result of chip pan fires.” The air fryer is really an appliance that’s there purely to make your life easier and create a much healthier you. If you haven’t tried one yet, this might be the opportune time to remedy the situation. With all its perks and benefits, the air fryer is definitely here to stay.

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