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Are Air Fryers Healthy?

Are Air Fryers Healthy?

Well, these revolutionary kitchen utensils have been tried and tested by many and they haven’t disappointed thus far. In fact, most users praise its healthy benefits, its tasty results, and speedy cooking time. With proven (results) by researchers from Miami University showing that using an air fryer decreases the fat content up to 80%, one cannot help but ponder taking one of these babies for a test drive.

To give you a better idea of what 80% less fat really mean, let’s take a look at nutritional facts recently released by McDonalds. According to their own admission, their medium French fries have 340 calories. 140 of these calories are from fat. Therefore their fries consist of 24% fat! Just imagine the health impact these little amounts have over a period of time.

But why are air fryers the healthier alternative to traditional deep frying? The secret lies in its cooking method. Air Fryers use a revolutionary cooking process called Rapid Air Technology. This allows you to use very little oil (anything from only a teaspoon or a tablespoon). The appliance also expels any excess oil the food itself may have. In the case of frozen food such as meat, the fat content within the food is more than enough for the cooking process and you won’t need to add any oil at all.

What Rapid Air Technology does is circulate heated air that can go up to 200C, throughout the cooking chamber. Even though you are not using as much oil as during traditional air frying you still get the exact same results. Food is cooked evenly and through-out, has a soft centre and that crunchy, crispy exterior that makes deep frying so tempting.

Deep frying also calls for a lot of oil that ends up being wasted and mostly need to be thrown away. Healthier oils such as olive oil or avocado oil which contains very little saturated fats, are very expensive and with the amounts needed for deep frying it’s absolutely crazy to think that these are even an option in this cooking process. This is also why the Air Fryer is a healthier alternative; by having to use so little oil in its cooking method, you are able to afford using the healthier oils.

Because of the air fryer’s cooking process, you no longer need to spend all your time in the kitchen creating and monitoring your meals; simply pop your food into the air fryer and it will do all the work for you – from maintaining the perfect temperature to automatically switching off when your meal is done. The cooking process also ensures that the cooking time is much faster than your normal convection cooking time. Plus, the air fryers are so easy to use, even a teenager will be able to utilize this appliance during a feeding frenzy. All of this makes cooking simple and quick, which makes the temptation of take-away much less on those days you simply don’t have the time (or the energy) to slave away in front of the stove.

Air fryers are definitely the healthier choice when it comes to deep frying, but with so many other benefits added on top of this perk, this is one appliance whose tech presence you can’t ignore.

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