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How Does an Air Fryer Work?

How Does an Air Fryer Work?

The air fryer has gained a welcomed healthy lifestyle reputation; suddenly you can enjoy your favourite deep fried meals without the guilt of “once on the lips, forever on the hips” and arteries begging for mercy. The air fryer’s cooking process ensures that your food contains up to 80% less fat than when you use traditional deep frying methods. The best part is that the air fryer truly gives you the exact same results as traditional deep frying; the soft centre and the crispy coating. Another advantage of the air fryer is that you are not limited to only cooking deep fried food; you can even cook shrimp and bake a cake if it takes your fancy.

So, how does an air fryer work in order to maintain health conscious cooking, whilst ensuring the same deep fried results? The answer lies within the cooking process; very little oil is used due to revolutionary Rapid Air Technology. This is a process where hot air (up to 200 degrees to be exact) is circulated within the cooking chamber. Not only is this a healthier cooking process, but also much safer. You no longer need to worry about accidently spilling oil on yourself or, heaven forbid, anyone else in the household.

Although the various air fryers on the market differ in size, utensils and accessories, the cooking process stays exactly the same. The cooking chamber of the air fryer has a heating element situated close to where your food is placed on a tray or basket. This element radiates heat which then cooks the food efficiently and according to your specifications. In order to ensure the necessary airflow coming from underneath, an exhaust fan is located above the cooking chamber. This ensures that the air is constantly passing through the food which lets you rest assured that your food is evenly cooked-through.

You also don’t want your house smelling like you’ve been deep frying for your local fish and chips shop all day. Therefore a lot of air fryers have a filter that filters out the oily stench of traditional deep frying. Gone are the days of slaving away in the kitchen whilst the hours tick by; the cooking processes of the air fryer is fast and you can easily cook your food within 12 minutes. Even a cake takes only 25 minutes, and is less energy consuming and expensive than normal convection baking. It truly is the next generation in cooking solutions when it comes to your well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

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